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Welcome to Poetry Blooms: an 8 week project to help grow your writing.

 It is my hope that this project will help us all delve into poetry and writing as we never have, that we will finally take our writing seriously, and that we will see the fruit of faithful work. That is why I have chosen to name this project Poetry Blooms.

Our creative desires to write and express things poetically often lie beneath the surface like a bulb in winter. It’s dormant. It’s full of potential life, but no one can see it or appreciate its beauty. It’s waiting for that Spring push to help it grow up through the soil and surface. It’s waiting for sunshine and nourishing rain to give it food for growth. Poetry Blooms  will hopefully help the dormant bulb of your poetry writing grow and bloom. So join us as we do the work of growing! Here is where poetry blooms.

In the coming weeks, I will post here and on our Facebook page. Each week I will introduce the assignment and the weekly goal. Presently, I am hoping to Periscope (@wHereLifeIsReal) or use FB Live to present the idea and assignment, but we will see if that manifests. 🙂

If you are curious about resources or required items, there are none. However, I will be using several texts to guide us through this process. The spine of our adventure is The Portable MFA in Creative Writing  by the New York Writers Workshop. I plan to pull from the Poetry section of the book and use their weekly plan as a guide. It is a great book which looks at fiction, memoir, magazine writing, poetry, and playwriting. You do not need to purchase this book, but if you are interested in improving your craft, you may consider buying it.

I am excited about what is in store and what will grow out of our time together. What goals or hopes do you have for this workshop? I’d love to hear them.

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