Circulation Desk

Wife, mother, home educator, lover of little things, dreamer of big things.

I’m sporadically on Twitter InstagramPinterest, and when I’m feeling brave, on Periscope. Look for me at wHereLifeIsReal. 🙂


So, let me tell you a bit about what’s going on here.

The Beautiful Life: A collection of quotes, discovered poems, and memories that make life beautiful.

The Messy Life: Poems and thoughts on some of the more difficult parts of life. Forgiveness, Restoration, Change and more.

The Writing Life: My own poems and posts related to poetry and writing.

The Home Life: Thoughts and ideas about Homeschooling.

The Mother Life: A series of thoughts (and some poems) relating to motherhood. You’ll also find “Brown Paper Packages” here. These are lists of “a few of my favorite things.”

Poetry Blooms: The public side of a private Facebook group I led for moms who wanted to venture into poetry writing. Currently on an extended break, I’m hoping to crank this up again when 2017 rolls around.

Thanks for visiting!